Universidade da Beira Interior, Covilhã & Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Porto, Portugal

Dear Researchers,

In 2024, the Universidade da Beira Interior, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences and Católica Porto Business School, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, will host the 23rd edition of the International Congress on Public and Nonprofit Marketing, where academic researchers and professionals will meet to discuss contemporary topics and challenges faced by public and nonprofit organizations.
The 2024 congress continues the tradition of the IAPNM by focusing on pungent topics in the fields of public and nonprofit marketing in a friendly atmosphere and working environment for the presentation and discussion of the latest scientific and practical advances. The 2024 Congress aims to explore marketing efforts to combat poverty and leverage the potential of artificial intelligence to achieve this goal. Additionally, the congress seeks to incorporate non-business topics such as cause-related marketing from a commercial perspective, benefiting firms, charities, individuals, and community-building. Other aspects to be addressed include cultural activities, regional development through tourism, volunteering experiences, local cultural values, innovation, sustainability, and the marketing of cultural products not solely for profit, extending to the preservation of regional cultural traditions, particularly through public support for tourism. More general issues such as CSR, sustainability, or responsible socio-economic development contributions from diverse knowledge fields are welcome.
The congress will provide productive meetings, encourage collaborative projects, and nurture international cooperation networking. The main objective of the 23rd edition is to allow the sharing of research findings or ongoing work that contribute to a deeper understanding of the panorama of public and nonprofit entities, as well as their collaborations with for-profit sectors, to achieve positive social objectives.
The 2024 edition of the International Congress on Public and Nonprofit Marketing will take place in Covilhã and benefit from the partnership between two prestigious Portuguese universities known for the research, teaching, and community engagement in these domains.
We eagerly await empirical research findings and insights from experts in these fields. Representatives from marketing education, research, and the profession are encouraged to attend this congress. The Organizing Committee is committed to ensuring that the 23rd IAPNM Congress is a successful and memorable event.

Best Regards,

Ricardo Gouveia Rodrigues, Susana Costa e Silva, and Paulo Duarte, Co-chairs of the Organizing Committee, (iapnm24@ubi.pt)